Our home was constructed among the rocks and waters of the creek. The team that drafts and serves our chosen elixirs is a family, connected and devoted to our roots. The tastes we present are fresh and new, and the service we offer is dynamic. We’re exciting yet consistent, open yet warm. There is no replacement.


Dynamic, Reliable Service - Our team is all about people. We work hard to ensure a consistent sense of approachability, teamwork and openness.

Brewing Inspired by The Waterway - Our unique SPLATCH brewing method is inspired by the waters of the run, and the dichotomy of our founders' vision. No matter the palate, we have a brew with the refreshing essence of nature to match.

Tannery Run: A Community Watering Hole - Driven by natural, brisk tastes, and the organic flow of patrons and service, our family is committed to sustaining an open, honest brewery.