Tannery Run: Waterway of Myth

Tales of dragons have long-filled the airs of local lure. In fact, it is rumored that these very dragons live along the Tannery Run. Myth lingers in these waters, and our brewpub was born from the waterway that curls beneath our building. Our logo, dawning two of our very own dragons, “Hop” and “Malt,” illustrates the dual nature of our SPLATCH (split batch) method. The water feature separating these dragons is an homage to the creek below our brewpub, and nod to the Reinheitsgebot of 1516. 

Tannery Run Brew Works is a prime destination site and welcome gathering place. Our mission: to produce quality beer, food and an unmatched experience.

What is the SpLATCH Method?

We don’t brew boring beer. Welcome to the Split Batch Method. 

We Choose the Base

We start by selecting fresh, quality and tasty malt base ingredients to serve as the batch foundation.

We Brew and Split

We brew these base ingredients until they are ready to be split into two smaller batches.

We Treat and Pour

These smaller batches are treated and fermented separately, creating two separate 'sister' beers.

Why Tannery Run is Unique

At Tannery Run, community is critical, experience is paramount, and quality food and drink are at the center of our brand. From the conception of a brew to its final pour, our process embodies eclecticism.

The conversations, beer, laughter and people flow here, ensuring an experience that is truly like none other. Stop in and find our for yourself. 

We Brew Quality

Our brews are consistent. Consistently new. Consistently original. And consistently refreshing.